Sunday, 14 June 2015

And the monkey is reborn . . .

I began this blog some time ago with the intention of filling it full of my ill-considered opinons on gaming and its role in contemporary popculture.  Or some such arse water.  However, after considering my ambition to become a writer (a long standing ambition but one which is still very much unfulfilled) I have decided to use this space to wax lyrical, or screech illterately, on various topics.  Books, games, people, and maybe even some politics and sport will all be discussed, dissected and generally waffled about in the pages of this blog.  So, basically, a mishmash of crap which encourages me to actually write something in an effort to hone my skills.  If it remains unread, undiscussed and unappreciated then so be it: it'll keep me off the streets and give me something useful to do with my time, other than killing orks/bandits/space pirates etc or looking at my collection of edifying literature and tying myself up in knots about how my brain has atrophied as the result of a culture based on celebrity rather than talent.  Yes, that's it: my brain's rapid decay is the result of society and not the enormous amounts of booze and junk food I used to shovel into my maw.  If in doubt blame 'the man' and his attempts to pacify us through a soporific diet of Girls Aloud and Britain's Got Talent.

I must take a breather now as my temper wanes and the dark spots gather before my hypertensive vision.



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